Empowering high school students to use technology by creating meaningful hacks in the realms of health, community, and the environment.

Hack it Better is an opportunity for high school students to showcase their innovative and creative skills. We unite students that are passionate about empowering those that use technology today by creating meaningful hacks. Join us to discuss, learn, and code for good!

To be eligible for prizes, please make sure to register here on Devpost as well as here on our Jotnote.

Hack it Better starts at 12:00pm on October 3rd and ends at 12:00pm on October 4th. 

How to Participate



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You are here at Devpost, so click the “Register” button and create an account. Make sure to register here on Devpost as well as here on our Jotnote.


Join Main Discord

Join the Main Discord: tinyurl.com/hack-it-better-discord. Poke around, check out different channels and make sure to introduce yourself at #welcome!


Recruitment of teammates

If you applied individually, find a teammate on devpost here: hackitbetter.devpost.com/participants - set your team settings to “looking for a teammate” and update your blurb to reflect what you are looking to do. You can also search participants by the skill sets that you need for your team! or post in #find-a-team Discord channel.


Register your team

Register your team on and indicate whether you're looking for teammates: tinyurl.com/hackitbetter-registration.


Create a team channel in Discord

Create your own channel in Discord and invite all of your team members to it. If you are working on a project listed in the challenge sheet, search “#proj” and all of the project channels will populate. Join the ones that are of interest to you! This is also another great way to find teammates.



Starting at 12pm on October 3rd, team development and completion of submission via DevPost.



Submit your project by 12pm October 4th!

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$CAD2,150 in prizes

Best Environmental Hack

- $125 DigitalOcean Credits x4

- $100 Bugsee Credits x2

Best Community Hack

- $125 DigitalOcean Credits x4

- $100 Bugsee Credits x2

Best Health Hack

- $125 DigitalOcean Credits x4

- $100 Bugsee Credits x2

echoAR Challenge

- $50 Amazon gift card

- 1-month Free Business Tier account

- A feature in echoAR's newsletter

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


  • Must be in a team of 1-4
  • Must be currently enrolled in high school


  1. Upload all of your code including a text file with dependencies used to run the code into a github repo and share with organizers (more info later)
  2. Record a video presentation with an explanation of the ideation, development, and demo of your final project. (Under 5 minutes)
  3. Projects cannot be submitted after 12pm October 14th.
  4. Projects must have been created in its entirety during the 24 hours allotted for the event.
  5. Additionally, all submissions must fall into one of Hack it Better’s tracks:
  • Health Track: Integration of technology in the medical field can enable greater range, accuracy, and quality of service. We are challenging innovators of all backgrounds to design solutions to the most pressing medical issues of today.
  • Community Track: Technology is a powerful platform that can help us identify and address issues of inequality and accessibility within our local and global communities. In choosing this track, you are working to create a solution that assists a community.
  • Environment Track: Innovating sustainable solutions to real-world environmental challenges is in everyone’s best interest. A greener future depends on technology geared towards preparing disaster relief, developing sustainable infrastructure, ensuring pollution minimization, and much more.


Alon Grinshpoon

Alon Grinshpoon
Founder & CEO - echoAR

Jovan Stankovic

Jovan Stankovic
Nepean High School Computer Science Teacher

Judging Criteria

  • Impact
    Does the project have any feasible application and/or have a social impact that goes above and beyond? Will this help the community with a real problem they are facing? Can this be implemented?
  • Originality & Innovation
    Is the project bringing a value & solution for the market? Is it a solution or creation we have never seen before? Is it a better way of doing something?
  • Technical Merit & Difficulty
    Is it technically interesting or difficult to develop? Is the hack usable in its current state? Does everything appear to work as intended? Does it deliver a beautiful experience? Is it mostly bug-free?
  • Presentation Skills
    Is the presentation clear & well structured? Does the project clearly define the problem? Solution? The features of the product or service? The benefits?


  • Social Good